Spencer Interiors is a luxury interior design company based in Cheshire, UK, who were looking for the best way to help clients visualise their fabulous designs. For this project, they needed a CGI company that created photo-realistic visualisations that would encourage investment from multiple clients on an exciting and iconic project in Liverpool. Enter, interior design CGI services from Linear CGI Studio.

Maria Spencer, CEO of Spencer Interiors and luxury interior designer, was referred to us by one of our existing clients. We love when a new client arrives with us through recommendation. It not only gives us a supportive pat on the back, but more importantly it offers a level of reassurance for the new client too.

“My natural curiosity for the world around me allows me to be fresh in my approach in every aspect of my work.”

Maria – Spencer Interiors founder

The Project

Maria’s fantastic interior designs were to provide vital content needed to capture potential buyers for refurbished apartments in the Malmaison hotel in Liverpool. This is when CGI is a perfect service. Digital visualisation enables a buyer to really see themselves in the space bringing to life mood boards and sketches. Maria needed the best images of her designs to ensure her client could present pristine marketing material. Linear’s interior CGI services created a sales tool that showed the potential of the space, avoiding unnecessary costs if the final work didn’t align with the buyer’s needs.

Interior Design CGI

The Landscape

It was important for us to visit the Liverpool renovation site for two reasons. One, to enable us to get a real feel of the space, confirming the dimensions and details that help us to create our 3D models. And two, and vitally for this project, to allow us to put the project in its glorious context, with the Liverpool skyline behind. We took panoramic photos of the scene to ensure that we would be able to incorporate these into the images. Again, encouraging the clients to visualise themselves not only within the apartment but living within the city.


“With an apartment building in such an iconic location, the views from the balconies are an enormous selling point for the owners. It was crucial we did justice to the large outdoor spaces and the views available from them.”

Sam – Linear CGI Studios founder


The Creative Process

Following the site visit, we created accurate 3D models of the apartments. We were focusing on a Penthouse with a balcony, and a one bedroom apartment. Then, with Maria’s mood board and vision, we added more detail and refined materials so that we could fully implement her luxury designs into the space. We were also able to incorporate those additional details such as an expensive towel on the bed, and half-filled wine glasses on the table, that once again put the client into the space and gave it a personal lived-in touch. Similarly, we created a 360 tour of the Penthouse apartment which not only allowed the client to move themselves around the space but also gave Maria’s design presentation a real wow factor.

“Your living space and interior shouldn’t just be visually appealing, it should also be about the way it makes you feel”

Maria – Spencer Interiors Founder

Interior Design CGI

This interior design project has been one of our favourites. We’ve been able to provide our client with another string to their bow, with Maria in turn being able to offer her clients a special service that she knows will help bring her exquisite designs to life. Luxury interior design deserves the chance to be showcased in all its glory and CGI (both still images and 360 tours) enable that real impact of visualisation, putting the client right in the space. We’re looking forward to the future projects that are already in the pipeline with Spencer Interiors and we’ll be sure to show you what is to come.

“My favourite part of this exciting project was creating the 360 degree tour of the Penthouse apartment. It really helps to guide you through the available spaces and appreciate the size of the property ”

Linear CGI Studio


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